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Anhui Ashin Food Processing Co., Ltd.


Main R & D, production and sales: coated bean fruit, pickled fruits and vegetables, Japanese rice fruit, green wine and other products

Ashin Food Processing


Anhui Ashin Food Processing Co., Ltd.

Keep improving Profession  Health and safety Benefit

Anhui Ashin Food Processing Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1997. It mainly engages in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing coated beans and fruits, pickled fruits and vegetables, Japanese rice crackers, green wines, and other products, which are mainly exported to Japan, EU, U.S.A., Southeast Asia, and other regions. Our products occupy a certain market share in high-end market of China...



Our development direction

It not only provides excellent and healthy food for consumers in various countries,
but also provides happy and convenient systematic services for consumers in various countries


In 2003, it passed two certifications of the international "ISO9001" quality management system and "HACCP" food safety control system
In early 2006 through the QS certification of all products. Passed the EU's "BRC/IFS" quality control system certification in 2008




Broader than the earth is ocean
Wider than the ocean is the sky
Wider than the sky is the dream

Business purpose


Management tenet is "high-quality products, reasonable prices".
Based on raw materials of international standard, modern technologies, mechanical operation, strict food quality (ISO9001:2000) ...



Our development objectives are: to provide not only high quality, healthy food for consumers around the world; the world has not yet provided the consumer happy and convenient system services.


Keep improving


Product development


Health and safety

Win customers with integrity

contact us

Anhui Ashin Food Processing Co., Ltd.

■   Add: 10th, QiYun Road, Economy and Technology Denvlopment Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China

■   P.C.: 230601

■   Tel: +86-551-63823376, 63822205

■   URL: www.yxgqh.com

■   E-mail: info@ashinfoods.com

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